The Challah Fairy

My humble beginnings as The Challah Fairy started when the kids were young. Together with becoming a stay-at-home mom came spare time to cook and bake.

There is nothing nicer than having fresh homemade challah waiting on the Shabbat table. As it takes almost the same amount of time, it never occurred to me to bake one or two challot, but rather the basic recipe which makes six standard size challahs. And so….almost every week, I began my preparations for Shabbos with challah baking. But what to do with all the extra challahs? On Friday afternoons I would take the extra challahs and deliver them to my friends. One of my dear friends, Connie (yes….that’s her real name), would return from her mailbox, with her mail in one hand and fresh challah in the other. Her phone calls were always the same, “Ooooo……The Challah Fairy was here!”


Abeles & Heymann

Abeles & Heymann Gourmet Kosher Provisions was formed in 1954 by Oscar Abeles and his nephew Leopold Heymann. In 1997 Abeles and Heymann was bought by Seth Leavitt and David Flamholz.

The product line consists of traditional delicacies such as: salami, pastrami, corned beef, brisket, hot dogs, beef fry, smoked turkey, and knockwurst. Additionally, Abeles & Heymann produces such old world favorites as liverwurst, cervelat, and rauchfleisch.


Amazing Savings


Golden Blossom

In 1921, the late John G. Paton founded a bulk honey company in northern California and decided to give it his own name. After several years of operation on the west coast, Mr. Paton moved the business to New York in order to take advantage of the prosperous marketplaces of the northeast. John H. Paton, son of the founder, joined the company in 1929 and created the GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY formula two years later. In 1932, the GOLDEN BLOSSOM brand was introduced to the public. Through advertising and promotion far ahead of its time, GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY became a household name with market share reaching over 60 percent in the metropolitan New York market in just a few short years.


Gold’s food products

Back in 1932, when it all began, Tillie and Hyman Gold did all the work by hand. Cleaning, cutting and grating the horseradish roots; measuring and mixing the ingredients; filling the jars; pasting on the labels (with paste made at home with flour and water)…all by hand, one jar at a time. Then, as now, it was of the utmost importance to get our all natural products to the customer immediately after manufacturing in order to ensure freshness. Even if that meant just one or two jars at a time for each store, freshness was a primary concern.





Entenmann’s is a company which manufactures baked goods and delivers them to supermarkets and other retailers for sale to the public.The company offers dessert cakes, donuts, Ultimates, cookies, loaf breads, pies, club packs, singles, cereal bars, little bites, Enten-mini’s products, as well as Danish, crumb cakes, and buns. In the past several years, they have added designer coffee flavors along with scented candles to their product line in an effort to broaden its appeal.


Rite Lite Ltd.

Rite Lite Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of year-round, seasonal (Purim, Passover, Rosh Hashana, Chanukah, etc.) and occasion-based Jewish products (Judaica). Our extensive selection includes ceremonial items, gifts, decorations, serveware, educational toys and crafts, books and more.

Given our close to 60 years of experience in wholesale Judaica, we are known for our commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety, and service. Our customers include such diverse groups as: retail Judaica stores, temple gift shops, card shops, supermarkets and national chains.

Since our inception in 1949, our goal has been simple: to assist retailers in meeting their customers’ Judaica needs. Our dedicated product development team continually brings unique and innovative Judaica to the market in both traditional and contemporary styles, while our experienced sales staff tailors programs to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. From order processing to post-sales support, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives provide unparalleled service.

Today, after nearly six decades in the wholesale Judaica industry and a steadfast commitment to our guiding principles, products from the Jacob Rosenthal Judaica Collection, Rite Lite Chanukah Express, and Shulsinger Judaica can be found in thousands of retail locations throughout the U.S and around the world. To locate a retailer near you, please contact us.


Brothers all natural

We maintain the strictest quality standards in our manufacturing. Our products are safe, allergy friendly and contain simple ingredients you know and recognize.  Ingredients such as Apples, Bananas, Strawberries, Pears, Peaches…

Brothers All Natural has been America’s favorite brand of freeze-dried fruit snacks for more than 15 years. Our freeze dried fruit snacks include:  Fruit CrispsDisney Fruit Crisps and Fruit Clusters.


Matzot Yehuda

The Yehuda Matzos factory, owned by the orthodox Ludmir family from Zefat, seventh generation in Israel, who is baking matzos since 1921, moved to Jerusalem the Holy City in 1949. The Yehuda Matzos Co. is a leading matzo products & matzo flour manufacturer, meeting all strict Kosher & quality requirements, ISO 9001 and HACCP certified. The products are marketed in Israel and in various countries round the world – to private & institutional markets, jewish communities, marketing chains and shops.



Founded in 1942 as a food marketing company. Four years later, in 1946, the company built its first factory in Bnei Brak. It originally produced noodles and ptitim, an Israeli invention. In 1964, Osem's snack factory was founded in Holon, and the company's main product was created – the peanut butter flavored Bamba. In 1970, the company started producing baked food in addition to introducing the Bissli snacks, which come is several flavors such as falafel, mesquite, BBQ, pizza and onion. Osem also produces soup powders which once contained high quantities of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). The company now markets MSG-free versions of its soup mixes under a green label as opposed to the traditional red one.



Manischewitz is the nation’s largest manufacturer of processed kosher food products. We’re also the number one baker of matzo or unleavened bread in the entire world. We produce hundreds of other kosher foods too, including baked goods, pastas, soups, gefilte fish, grape juice and borscht.


Aron Streits

In the 1890's, Aron Streit and his wife, Nettie, left Europe and came to America. In 1916, Aron opened his first matzo factory. There, on Pitt Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Aron and his first partner Rabbi Weinberger made all their matzo by hand. In 1925, Aron and one of his sons opened up a modern bakery in the same building on Rivington Street where Streit's stands today. A few years later, Aron's other son joined the business. With the family working together, the Streit matzo bakery prospered and Aron bought three adjoining buildings to handle the growing business.



The idea was to produce it in the United States. Halvah has been called the Food of The Gods. An ancient Turkish confection, dating back 3000 years was about to be refined, reinterpreted, and reinstated as the food of choice among the eastern European immigrants in the early part of the 20th century. Halvah, which means “sweet meat” in Turkish was going to get a modern twist.

In 1907 the first batch of Halvah was produced on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where you can still buy it today. The Joyva Corporation, in its 99th year of operation, is still a family run business. It is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. Over the last nine decades we have developed many candy and specialty food items that have been loved for generations. Jell Rings, Marshmallow Twists, Sesame Crunch, Sesame Tahini, and of course our beloved Halvah.


JoBurg Kosher

David Libesman’s father, Michael, started his career as a butcher 60 years ago. David arrived in the USA in 1998 and now resides in Merion Station, PA, where he runs a software company. For 11 years he searched high and low for Boerewors and Biltong with the taste and texture that he grew up with. He then decided to bring back old family recipes and techniques for making these traditional delightful foods and do it himself.

After making a few batches of Boerewors and Biltong for personal use, David began to share the treat with friends and neighbors. To his surprise, people began to request orders for their friends, parties, or for themselves. The overwhelming demand led to the creation of Joburg™ Kosher Foods, LLC. The company’s mission is to be the first Kosher food manufacturer to make high quality, authentic South African Boerewors and Biltong widely available in retail shops and foodservice channels throughout the USA.


La Briute

LaBriute Meals is an exciting product line. LaBriute has become a leading force in the ever expanding Kosher food industry. Our raison d’être is the belief that the Kosher consumer is no less entitled to the latest opportunities and conveniences available to the broader consumer market. Hence, for close to a decade now, LaBriute Meals has stood at the forefront of this emerging market, integrating contemporary innovations in food production, packaging and preparation technologies into the Kosher food sector.


King Zack

For over 27 years King Zak Industries has been supplying the retail market with quality products in the party, catering and industrial arenas. As a pioneer company supplying aluminum pans to the retail market, we have been able to further expand and establish ourselves as leaders in supplying innovative, party and everyday disposable products to an ever growing use-and-toss generation.


J.R. Kelly

J.R. Kelly Company is located in the heart of horseradish country in Collinsville, Illinois, just 15 miles from St. Louis, Missouri. The fertile soil here creates the ideal environment for the production of high quality horseradish.

We market ten to twelve million pounds of horseradish roots a year, making us the largest supplier of horseradish roots in the United States. Not only do we supply horseradish roots domestically but internationally as well, shipping tons of horseradish roots to all corners of the globe.


Premium Aufschnitt Products


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