Well, another Pesach and another continent – this time, the Seder was in Germany.

The stressful part started off with the new commissary manager. Despite our base commissary being about the best-stocked in Europe: Lubavich-shechita
frozen chicken, kosher-for Pesach shredded cheddar cheese, Ungar’s gefilte fish, Meal Mart burger patties, etc. – the new manager assured me over the
past few months that he’d ordered plenty of matzah.

Well, it turned out he’d ordered a whole bunch of MATZAH MEAL as well as “MATZAH-rella” cheese – but no matzah! So B’H, KosherTroops came through with the matzah shipment that ended up supplying the Jews of Grafenwoehr with matzah for the entire week.

Aleph supplemented that with hand-made shmura matzah, a priceless commodity around these parts.

Our Seder was the only one in all of Europe run by a military chaplain. The Seder itself was “interesting” as usual. And we had a very diverse crowd – as usual.

An Israeli Arab soldier I discovered in my own unit supply room. He moved to the USA from Haifa a few years ago at age 29, joined the US Army to gain citizenship, but is about the most patriotic Israeli I’ve ever met. He told us he had Jewish girlfriends before, and even fasted on Yom Kippur two years in a row.

He lives in Weiden – a town about 25 kms. down the road, where he discovered an Israeli jeweler who’s been living there for the past 20 years. So my
Israeli Arab invited the Jewish Israeli jeweler to come to the Seder together. He hadn’t attended a Seder in 20 years!

At any rate, we had a great time – and it was all thanks to you.

We used the soup mix and the croutons, and gave out all the macaroons; we had delicious sliced cheese from Houston to eat with matzah all week long – and salami and mustard, as well. The special-run Lays chips was the perfect snack for the rest of the week. And the salami was a big hit with our Staff Judge Advocate – the head lawyer for the US Army’s Bavaria region – who’s a member of the tribe. It brought him right back to his New York roots.

Speaking of roots, the horseradish root made for some sharp marror. The sauce went great with gefilte fish — and of course everyone was surprised and happy to see those tasty Israeli olives and pickles on the table for all the meals.

So once again, on behalf of the entire Jewish US Army congregation of Grafenwoehr, I express our heartfelt thanks to you, for all you do.
Next year in Yerushalyim!

Until then,


18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
USAG Grafenwoehr – GERMANY

Dear Friends,

On behalf of all the Chaplains and Service Men and Women
serving throughout Southern Afghanistan, I want to thank you for your
generosity in sending us some much appreciated Passover supplies. Your
thoughtfulness made a profound difference and positive impact on the
lives of our Jewish personnel in Helmand Provence. Rabbi E.
the 3d Marine Aircraft Wing Command Chaplain, traveled throughout the
area to celebrate Passover with our Service Personnel. Your support
made the celebration fuller and more joyful. Please pass along to all
the children our sincerest gratitude for their notes and cards; they
brought special joy to our personnel.

Once again, thank you for all your support. Be assured
of our continued prayers and gratitude.

Sincerely yours,


Ladies and gentlemen, the Members of the Tribe (MOT) here in southwest Afghanistan (also better known as the Jew Crew) would first like to thank you all for the superb support that you and your organizations have given us during this year’s Passover occasion, not to mention all year round.

Although far from home, the loving letters and generous care packages you all provided us have gone a long way to making us feel like we’re safe and happy at home again (or as close to it as one can get out here in the literal desert).

Please see the attached file for a short Powerpoint with pictures/captions that demonstrate how Marines, sailors and civilians stuck in a remote location find ways to come together and enjoy a superb First Night seder service that pays honest tribute to our traditions and respect to all those who came before us.

It’s not fancy but it’s a nice way to share the experience with you all.

Semper Fidelis, b’shalom ve kol b’kvod,

Thank you all for the lovely food that made both Seders great. half-way thru Passover, and I am still munching on your food that will last all the way through.

About 30-35 showed up the first night and few less the second night. We all left happy and with very full stomachs.

I know we all greatly appreciate your thoughts and boxes here in Kuwait. As I just came from 18 months in Djibouti, I want to tell you we also enjoyed the care packages sent to us there.

Passover is my favorite holiday, and it makes it hard to be away from the family so this does help. I may not be in Jerusalem next year, but I do hope to be with my family.

Again many many thanks to all of you.


Army Strong : )

Thank you all for your kind donations of supplies, gifts, food and handmade cards and items for our Passover observation at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. We had an incredible showing for both Seder dinners and shared the holiday as a congregation.

The Jewish community at Kandahar Airfield is always changing. We are always welcoming new members and losing some from time to time as they redeploy home. The congregation is made up of both civilians and military. We meet every Friday night to celebrate the Sabbath and break bread. In addition, there are weekly bible studies on Monday night’s facilitated by the theater chaplain, Chaplain, who happens to be stationed here at Kandahar Airfield.

May G-d bless you and your families during this very special time of the year. Again, thanks to you all.



Thank you very much for your Pessach card.
Be well and keep up with the good work of supporting our troops. A picture from the Seder is included.

Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan

Dear Everyone,

We would like to let you know that we received your packages full of items. It is much appreciated. We’ve opened the boxes yesterday and found your heart-warming notes. The US marines and soldiers gratefully thank you for the generous gifts. It is because of your generous gifts and word of encouragement, we had a wonderful Passover Seder as we reflect on the wonderful humankind across the nation, Africa and the world.

Again, Thank you.

With Blessings,


Dear Donors, Supporters, and Senders of Passover Cards,

All of you made Passover and especially our two Passover Seders feel
like we were at home. (Actually, I have eaten more Passover snacks than
I normally eat in several years at home.)

Thank you for your generosity and hours of work.

The enclosed pictures and storyboard help tell the story of Passover in
Kandahar Air Field. Please pass on these pictures to your community
donors and children who made the Passover cards.

The pictures show the following:

. Making Charoset and Maror in the Community
Ministry Center (Many of the items on the table were not ours and are
not Kosher for Passover.)

. Burning Chametz in a shelter from rockets

. Making Kiddush over wine/grape juice

. Appreciation of the many donors of Kosher for Passover items from the
States (We used the sign from Kosher Troops.)

. The Dining Facility Manager, in the picture with me, and his
team, made eggs, vegetable salad, fruit salad, wrapped Kosher for
Passover meals in tin foil, and set up a beautiful, colorful room for
the Seder Meals

. Lighting the Yom Tov candles

. B. washing his hands

. Group pictures from both nights

Moadim Le’Simcha,


Please extend my heartfelt thanks to all you know who have donated so much. Words of gratitude are never enough to show sincere appreciation.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to say thank you for providing the Passover items necessary for our seder here on base. It was so nice to have the ability to celebrate the holiday with fellow Jews this year even though we are far from home. It wouldn’t have been possible without your generous gifts brought to us by Rabbi D. and the U.S. Mail. Lashanah haba’ah biy’rushalaim!

Thanks again.

The package you sent arrived safely last week.

Thank you so very very much for your kindness, it’s greatly appreciated. Everything made it in pretty much one piece, and the selection of items was great.

Again, thank you so much for your support!!!


The seder was great, I had everything I needed. A few of my fellow soldiers attended but none of them are Jewish, they just wanted to witness it. My Sergeant took a few pictures. I will try to send a few. Thanks again for all the support.


The Seders were great because of you! We took pictures and will take more as I have 3 more Seders in the next 5 days. I hope yours were nice as well – but understand that you changed lives. The Sailors could not believe what you provided.

Happy Passover!

We had over 50 people in attendance from 4 surrounding camps. Our usual attendance for Sabbath is around 8-10. It was wonderful to sit and talk to people from all around the world the US. The cramped space, the wonderful food aromas and all the loud talking reminded me of home! I think S. is working on gathering up pictures to send forward to
you. I will catch up with him again on Friday to remind him. Again thank
you so much for helping us celebrate Passover! 🙂


I went to the first Seder but not the second. We had 35+ people. Some were standing room only. Much more than expected.
I am glad you had a happy holiday and thank you again so much for all the treats!

Thank you,

Thank you from all of us! We are restricted from sending photography, we did memorialize it our memories and gratitude towards all of you who support us in these very challenging times. I’ve been traveling around
Afghanistan. It is much different than what we are accustomed to back
in the States.:-) Otherwise, I would have responded earlier to your
generosity and care for our Jewish troops.

Thank you so much for all that you do from all of us!!!

Wishing you a gutten moed as well from the Tac-DOMEX -FOB SHARANA,

I wanted to personally say thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to celebrate this special holiday with our jewish military family here in Kuwait. Without your support and gifts it would not have been the same. We had amazing Seders because of your donations. I’m proud to serve our nation but I’m more proud to be a Jewish Soldier serving knowing I have brothers and sisters on the other side supporting us as well. Words can’t express my gratitude and I humbly say thank you again for what you have done to give us some “home” while we serve overseas.


Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the Passover package. I received it today and everything appears to be in good shape. Thanks so much to you, all the donors, and the volunteers who made it possible. I’m very thankful for your support! It really means a lot!

All the best,

Please pass the word to your volunteers and donors, that their efforts are very much appreciated. I appreciate their gifts, but appreciate their time much more. It is so nice that people will give of their time for complete strangers.

Thanks again,

I got the packages Wednesday afternoon. Thank you so much. Wow, there were so many boxes of macaroons. It is amazing getting all the food.
Thank you again and have a wonderful Shabbos.

Chaplain G.

Hello, the package arrived today! I definitely appreciate all the effort put into the package and can’t wait to dig in!


I received a box for Passover today. There is enough stuff in there to
feed an Army for Passover! I will share it with everyone on Friday night
as well!

Thank you very much for sending all of these items!


I really want you to know that it is amazing to be half a world away from a heimeshe community and receive food in such abundance.

Hi again,

This is J. letting you know I received another wonderful surprise care package today. I am in a remote area of Afghanistan and am unable to upload pictures of the food I am receiving from the many fantastic sponsors you have supporting us. It is an incredible feat to send us what you can and it is welcomed with much appreciation. Please pass this on to the sponsors and the many volunteers that make this possible for me. I will definitely send pictures if possible. Thanks for all you do for us.



I cannot thank you all enough for all that have sent to Bahrain. I leave next week for Pesach and anxiously await meeting up with your boxes. I have already instructed them to cut one box open and forward it to a small ship of the coast of Rota that has no Matzah! A double mitzvah. Thanks.

I’ll take pictures of the distribution and thank you again.

Happy Passover,

Ladies, toda raba al kol h’ezrah. I’ll ensure that all of our Camp
Leatherneck MOTs get their share of the goodies that are kosher
l’Pesach. Your loving and caring support is greatly appreciated by all
the boys and girls here, believe me.

B’shalom ve b’kvod,

Sara, Just wanted to let you know I got your package. Thank you so much!
You and your staff put together a wonderful treasure chest of home!
Thank you for looking out for us.


We received your wonderful Passover boxes the other day!!! Thank you so much!!! Thank you for all the work and a big thank you to all the donors of products that makes this even possible. I will try to send you pictures when we enter Pessach with the items you sent.

Wishing you all a Chag casher and sameach!!!


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